Shared Services Management (SSM)

Infinios has developed its capability (people, processes, and technologies) and is managing end to end deliverables of several Business Units of its clientele.

In Shared Services Management (SSM) Model, Infinios gets the either entire or specific business operations outsourced and delivers with pre-defined deliverables. Its flexible to adapt to changes and delivers the larger business targets of its clientele.

We Offer SSM for specific Business functions:

  • Market Research & Lead Generation
  • Customer Service Center - Functional Support (Voice, Non-Voice and Semi-Voice)
  • Customer Service Center - Technical Support (Voice, Non-Voice and Semi-Voice)
  • Business Data Validation - HR, Marketing, IT
  • Financial Services (Sourcing, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Account payable/Receivables, Payroll Management)
  • Business Expansion (Partnership Building and Management)

Business Value Proposition

  • Specific Goal Oriented & Centralised Operations
  • Dedicated & Adaptable to Lager Business Objectives
  • Cost Effective
  • Maximum Accountability & Less Responsibility
  • Maximum Transparency & Minimal Redundancy
  • Business Continuity