Mr. KS Nandakumar
Founder & MD
Bangalore, India

Mr Nandakumar KS is an entrepreneur based out of Bangalore, India. He’s founded and has been successfully leading M/s Infinios Business Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd & recently founded M/s Techsbina Innovations (India) Pvt Ltd in Bangalore, India.

He has more than 03 decades of rich professional experience of in various organizations like ABB, MAIT, Infinios & BICSI. While he started his career in ABB, he established himself as a successful & credible professional in MAIT. In about 02 decades in MAIT, he has been credited to have spearheading enduring campaigns in promotion of the Information Technology Industry in India. Mr. Nandakumar developed a strong professional working between the Industry & State Governments in the formative years in 1990s of IT industry in India. He was instrumental in setting up the first Regional Office for an IT Industry in Bangalore in 1996 & subsequently establishing MAIT as an efficient link-point for the IT Industry in South India.

In last one decade, he has conceptualized, and implemented the Marketing Process Outsourcing (MPO) and established Infinios as reliable name in IT & ICT industry for successful delivery of outsourced marketing shared services across India.

While he has broadened the horizon & leaped into the modern AdTech domain with Techsbina, Mr. Nandakumar has recently been inducted into the Leadership Committee for BICSI in India.