Ever growing complexity of business models, hectic competitive activity and rapid change make it challenging to sense the environment and take decisions. The problem is even more compounded in the B2B context, where we need to predict the direction taken by our customer’s customer. Given the crunch for time, it is natural that managers focus on execution and budgets without considering competition, customers, non-customers, trends etc. We dig deep to provide our clients with information and analysis based on which they can take action and decisions. Our research focuses on macro matters like industry landscape, trends, competition and regulatory issues and more importantly on micro actionable information like customer perceptions and preferences, detailed competitor activity and strategies, evolving ecosystems, benchmarking, value creation, channels to go to market, pricing and value to customers.

Strategic Planning

Changes in environment, competition, technology and status quo can lead businesses to the crossroads. They need to set new goals, make decisions and prepare to embark on the new path. We research the environment, collect facts from primary sources, apply our collective minds, benchmark, use frameworks and come out with growth strategies. Strategy also requires intuition, experience, innovation and thinking deeply and deliberately over facts; and this is what we do for our clients. After sensing and analysing, we catalyze action and work alongside our clients in implementing the strategy, by identifying functional capabilities to be built (and more importantly, going about building the capabilities for our clients), planning investments, charting product-market strategy, partnership strategies and in doing feasibility studies.

Marketing Effectiveness

Companies need to be driven by their customers, and need to constantly gather insights on their customers. Secondly, companies need to reach out to potential customers and inform them about their unique capabilities. We implement systems to enable clients to be driven by customer insight. Our marketing practices are aligned to sales. We develop the GTM strategy where we segment, target and develop the value propositions, evaluate channel strategies, and prepare marketing plans to reach out effectively. We implement these plans by working with our client in establishing a marketing rhythm. Our approach to branding is innovative and frugal. Digital & social media marketing strategies are centred on creating and distributing relevant, valuable and consistent content with the objective of driving sales. We also create unique content that positions you as a thought leader in the minds of your customers.

Sales capability building

Sales teams in many companies tend to become reactive and order takers due to various reasons. Unless the sales function is professionalized, a company cannot grow and de risk itself. We help to build an effective sales engine that can sustainably grow the business. We align sales with strategy, set the right sales objectives, structure & size the sales organization, implement methodologies for sales roles such as product sale, consulting sales or strategic account management. We design and implement processes to generate new leads, build the pipeline, manage and convert leads to orders. We design metrics, review and enable the sales force to succeed. We co-work with the sales team continuously to enable high performance.

Market Entry & Business Development

Foreign companies entering the Indian market face severe headwinds in the form of competition, lack of information, unique business models and local requirements. At the same time the market offers potential and is hard to ignore. For companies who have challenges in finding the right resources to hire and manage, we act as partners in business development and build the foundation necessary for them to enter and grow their India market business. We map the landscape, help forge alliances, identify & cultivate opportunities, thereby enabling clients reduce their time-to-market.


We at INFiNiOS, do customized lead generation extending the standard sales cycle into a revenue cycle. A lead’s beginning starts with first contact with the company and that is what we do. We collect and maintain the appropriate contacts so that we can deliver to our clients a worthy lead both qualitatively and quantitatively.

  • We map the existing stake-holder eco-system and customer base and then build on the potential customer database across various verticals
  • We process leads in the research phase and intimate our clients early on, so that the probability of a sale is increased.
  • We identify leads along with estimated size of sale.
  • We provide effective hand-off; include detailed information about the prospect that will help the sales team land the sale.

Our core strength include updated database on a pan-India basis with a specialized and dedicated market research team. We understand difficult issues and serious challenges which the business face and provide best solution. We generate business leads based on client specific requirements and their associated market research processes. We value the governance and ethics while dealing with the clients.

We analyze current business conditions and ensure that leads that don’t close are recycled back into marketing for further nurturing.


We at INFiNiOS, develop both existing customer database and enlarge it with new customer database across diverse verticals. We sort relevant contacts and decision making levels, establish the needs and requirements of the customer for their business with our clients, based on their solution portfolio.

We at INFiNiOS:

  • Determine and address the product-related contact persons.
  • Fully determine and survey the contact persons and corporate data needed like email id contact person, Phone no etc.
  • Indexing all the data needed.


We work with our clients, right from defining channel structure to identifying and expanding their channel across tiers. We rely on our channel database strengths to help recruit and develop the channel for our clients.

We identify the channels for the client and assist them in

  • Direct selling
  • Selling through intermediaries
  • Dual distribution and
  • Reverse channels.


Our skilled team leverages processes that help clients manage their data across its entire lifecycle and ensures that data is accurate, complete and secure across the organization. Our effective data services' enables better management decisions, reduces risks, enhance productivity and operational efficiency.


  • Our Master Database that can be leveraged to meet varying client requirements and ensure that clients have a faster go-to-market time
  • Process maturity developed with years of experience and easily scalable
  • Varied domain expertise spanning multiple products and market data applications
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Reduced total cost of ownership while maintaining quality
  • Experience in working with geographically spread data and information systems


We combine multiple Direct Marketing services to roll out innovative action plans and deliver measurable business results. Our Direct Marketing services include:

  • Our Master Database that can be leveraged to meet varying client requirements and ensure that clients have a faster go-to-market time
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Response Management
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Interactive Marketing