India provides diverse opportunities for companies with right products and services, to have establishment.

INFiNiOS provides this advantage to overseas companies entering the Indian Market, through a well defined & planned process under the India Entry Strategy Program.

The India Entry Strategy Program is designed, keeping in mind the Small and Medium Enterprises exploring the Indian Market. Enterprises from the Engineering & Institutional Product groups, Consumer goods, Software and the Service Industry could benefit from INFiNiOS.

INFiNiOS has network with governments, representatives of international organizations, support agencies, Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Industry Associations, and other related organizations for fostering international linkages, for the benefit of our clients. We provide our clients end to end solution to help in start the business.

We at INFiNiOS help in India Entry Strategy by:

  • Helping in identifying the right structure for establishing your business in India.
  • Advising you on the capitalization of the entity.
  • Advising you on the banking and management of the Indian enterprise.
  • We arrange for the complete set of regulatory approvals required from Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) /Secretariat of Industrial Approvals (SIA), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Registrar of Companies (ROC) and other concerned authorities.
  • And a lot more....


A successful Distribution Channel Strategy is a critical ingredient to sustaining growth through a rigorous customer focus. INFiNiOS can be partner for our prospective clients to create Distribution Channel Optimization Strategy and realize the following benefits:

Improve company’s growth strategy:

  • Improvement of distribution channel strategy
  • Identification of most appropriate partners
  • Generation of additional revenue streams
  • Consolidation of the market leadership
  • Development of the company value and image
  • Organic expansion

Identify and structure new commercial opportunities:

  • Contrast competition and gain market share
  • Inverse trends of margins erosions
  • Address changing customer needs
  • Share costs among company’s business

Increase company’s internal expertise:

  • Additional knowledge and new angles of analysis
  • Structured framework transferable to similar internal initiatives
  • Improved global vision and understanding
  • Awareness of distribution channel partner strengths and weaknesses
  • Capitalization on internal skills and synergies

A distribution channel strategy enables the company to sell to customers in geographical areas or market sectors that their direct sales team cannot reach. One can choose from a number of distribution channels, including wholesalers, retailers, distributors and the Internet. Each channel gives you different options for dealing with customers and prospects. However, to ensure that the distributors operate effectively, strategy must incorporate the right level of control and support; and INFiNiOS is the solution.

Business benefit

Marketing through channel partners offers many advantages – but also some serious challenges. The key is to have a strategy which generates win/win for both parties. Strategy alone however, is not enough – excellent relationship management is essential.

INFiNiOS assists companies in setting up a distribution network in India. The process involves identifying potential distributors in India depending on the nature of the products, the market conditions, the organization goals and the various distribution options available to recommend the most suited “go to market” strategy. To maximize reach in the market place we also look at the possibility to penetrate new or alternate channels of trade.

To identify “best fit” channel partners we look at parameters such as existing product range, current customer base, financial and infrastructure strength, expertise, experience, location and above all the organization goals of the potential partner.

INFiNiOS studies the current trade norms of credit, discount structures, trade margins, promotion schemes etc to recommend programmes, policies and procedures that our client needs to have in place to service the channel effectively.