The brand - Corporate reputation has signified importance in today’s dynamic business environment. Building and sustaining strong corporate reputation demands immense resources, consistency in value propositions, and excellent quality delivery to the expectations of the stakeholders.

Effective communication, both internal and external, builds strong relationships. We mainly focus on individual needs, conveying important information and providing feedback - positive and constructive. Strong relationships with external audiences also build strong solid communication about products, services and company culture and values.

Our team is expert in the following communication disciplines: community relations, corporate communication, counselling crisis communications, employee communications, employee engagement / internal relations, government affairs industry relations interactive / video PR investor relations, issues management marketing communications, media relations and publicity, media training multicultural affairs, promotional development, recruitment advertising, reputation management social media special events.


We at INFiNiOS, have years of experience and expertise in press releases, media training, communicating with the journalists, doing the job in day to day out, for a varied client list. We are often more cost-effective than it would be to get the person/ people necessary in- house to cover all the tasks we can undertake. We react fast and if something needs turning around quickly, we would provide that extra resource and capability to turn that around for our clients.

INFiNiOS will enhance and sharpen the competencies in this field with appropriate communication strategy and tools. We help our clients in cultivating sustainable media relations and how to respond appropriately to negative publicity. We have strong network of relationships with key influencers and its team has in depth industry knowledge and experience to provide the result oriented communications.

For building brand value, and establishing credibility, any business would need good Public Relations. Our team brings in the right mix of strategy and innovation into our PR plan. Before we come out with a communication for public consumption on behalf of our clients, we would have had discussions and in depth study of the issue; and the result is effective communication. While doing so, we can also take care of all collaterals, office print stationery, brochure, and other publicity literature, including managing advertising.